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Safety Signs

Our safety signage is especially for the unique needs of the global oil & gas, Offshore, Marine, Renewable Energy, and Commercial industries. We use the most durable and high quality materials available.

All of our products are designed and manufactured in the Egypt, As well as offering a standard product range, our in-house Design Team can tailor our safety Awareness system and corporate/Bespoke Boards to conform to each of our client’s corporate identities. This can include, but not limited to logos, corporate colors, sizes etc.

We advise and consult clients on key areas such as :

  • Color
  • Size
  • Legislation
  • Content and Visual impact
  • Customization and Corporate identity
  • Identifying vital information and mandatory instructions

We Strive for continuous improvement in order to maintain the needs of our ever expanding client base.


About Us

Brandology is an advertising company established in 2008 in Cairo, Egypt with the support of its Owner’s Experience of more than 25 years in the Advertising & Marketing Field & also in the Commercial and Sales fields.
What is the brand?
A brand is a name, symbol or design feature that allows people to identify your company and/or products. Effective branding promotes loyalty to your business and your products and services. A strong brand helps to create an image of a large, reliable company with high-quality products or services. A well-known brand can make it easier to launch new products, although you need to be careful of being seen as a 'one product' or 'one range' company. The days of the billion-dollar ad budgets are gone.

Is to work closely with our partners and study the detailed knowledge about their brands and their vision to reach the suitable designs for their brands. Moreover, delivering the maximum quality possible of all printing materials.

In the next five years, we are targeting to be a unique advertising agency that can provide a different style of design and related services to express our partner's brand message ensuring the brand perception ‘in the customer’s mind.

We believe that our clients are our friends, our employees are our partners in success and our suppliers are our supporters.

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